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About Me and My Language

Gorontalo corn       text  

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            My name is Rahmawaty Kadir, please call me Rahma. I am an MA TESOL student at Hawaii Pacific University.   I am from the island of Celebes in the north part of Indonesia. Celebes Island is one of five big islands in Indonesia. It looks like the letter K on a map. In this project, I am documenting the Gorontalo language which is spoken by the indigenous tribes in the Province of Gorontalo. Gorontalo is on the upper right side of the Celebes island.  To me, documenting Gorontalo language is one of my own ways of promoting the use of local language. I do hope it will contribute to build confidence for Gorontalo people in using gorontalo language.

Contact Email amha_muach@yahoo.com
Preferred name(s) of your language Gorontalo
Alternative names Gorongtalo, Guarantala, Gunongtello, Holontalo, Hulontalo
Language classification Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Philippine, Greater Central Philippine, Gorontalo-Mongondow, Gorontalic
Geographical areas where spoken Gorontalo, Indonesia
Approximate number of monolingual speakers 900,000 (1989).
Other languages spoken in the area/country Manado Malay, Bolaang mongondow, Bahasa Indonesia
Official language(s) in your country Bahasa Indonesia
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Background of the Language
Map of GorontaloGorontalo language is the member of Austronesian language.  It is spoken by Gorontalese tribes. These tribes are found in the Province of Gorontalo and in the Province of North Sulawesi and the province of central Sulawesi that are near the boundaries with the Gorontalo Province.

900,000 (1989)  people still speak this language. Gorontalo language is divided into several dialects: Eastern Gorontalo, Gorontalo City, Tilamuta, Suwawa, and Gorontalo West.

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