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Chaozhou Dialect

This story is based on a wordless picture book:
Mercer Mayer. 1974. Two Moral Tales. New York: Four Winds Press.

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U cek cia soi ciao khii ngo tia cek teng bo.

Have one CL young bird go find complete one CL hat

A young bird found a hat.

(2) I toi tia teng bo ngia  li to khii lai

He see complete CL hat beautiful so pick up come

He thought that this hat was really beautiful, so he picked it up.

I oi huahi

He ADV-degree glad

He was really glad.

Cia soi ciao kia lai kia khii. Kapang ngo tia cek cia lao ciao lai.

This young bird walk come walk go.At-that-moment find complete one CL old bird come.

This young bird walked aroud. At that time he saw an old bird coming.

Ci cia lao ciao ciu cia kii lai. Soi ciao hui siakhii.

This CL old bird so laugh upward come. Young bird feel angry

This old bird started laughing. So, the young bird was really angry with him.

(5) Ci cia soi ciao li kak tiao teng bo, ciu kia khui khii.

This CL young bird so throw complete CL hat, then go depart go

This young bird threw the hat away and left.

(6) Lao ciao ciu khia bo khii lai.

Old bird then pick hat upward come

The old bird picked the hat up.

(7) Ci  cia soi ciao oicai lao ciao khia bo khii ciu ui siakhii.

This CL small bird know old bird pick hat go so feel angry

This young bird knew that the old bird picked up the hat, so he was angry with him.

(8) Soi ciao ciu lai cuai ci cia lao ciao.

Small bird then come see this CL old bird

This young bird came to see the old bird.

(9) Ci cia lao ciao khii ci cia soi ciao lai khia bo teng kii

This CL old bird angry this CL small bird come pick hat back go

This old bird got angry when the young bird asked for the hat back.

(10) Ci cai soi ciao khia bo lai ti ciu he cek tung ta i kai tau um cai u migai tiao lai tiao khii.

This CL small bird pick hat come wear then frighten one ADV because he his head not know have sth. jump up jump down

When this young bird  wore the hat, he got shocked since he felt like something was jumping around on his head.

(11) Suicai ci cia lao ciao kai kia to ci teng bo.

In-fact this CL old bird his kid at this CL hat

In fact, the old bird's kid was inside the hat.

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