About Buan

About Buan

Preferred language name(s): Buan
Alternative names: Fijian
Language classification: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian
Geographical areas where spoken: Fiji, Vanua Levu
Approximate number of speakers: [#]
Other languages spoken in the community: Hindi, English, Bauan
Does your language have a widely accepted writing system? No

If yes, what materials are written? It is preserved only in oral language and through physical senses. This is the first time that Buan has been documented as a written language.

Language Background
My vitality assessment

Severely Endangered

Inter-generational transmission:
Some adults know the language, but do not speak it to children.
Absolute number of speakers:
1000 – 9999
Speaker number trends:
About half of community members speak the language; speakers are diminishing.
Domains of use of the language:
The language is being replaced even in the home; some speakers may values their language while the majority support language shift.
Used mainly just in the home; some speakers may value their language but many are indifferent or support language shift; no literacy or education programs exist for the language; government encourages shift to the majority language.
Used in social domains with other languages; most value their language but some are indifferent; education and literacy programs are rare in the community; government has no policy regarding minority languages, though some outside institutions support the languages.

What have other sources said about your language?

Buan is not listed on endangeredlanguages.com, ethnologue.com, or Wikipedia. As of now, we have not found any recorded data on the language.

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