About Marshallese

Preferred language name(s): Majōl
Language classification: Austronesian, Malayo-Polynesian, Oceanic, Micronesian
Geographical areas where spoken: Marshall Islands
Approximate number of speakers: 45,000
Other languages spoken in the community: English
Official language(s) in your country: Marshallese, English
Writing system:
There are two competing writing systems for Marshallese. The older system is more widely used, and many newspapers and signs feature this orthography. However, there is a newer writing system that is a more accurate representation of Marshallese pronunciations, and it is gaining popularity with younger generations.

Language Background
My vitality assessment


Inter-generational transmission:
Most adults and some children are speakers
Absolute number of speakers:
44,000 – 53,200
Speaker number trends:
Most community members are speakers; speaker numbers are diminishing, but at a slow rate.
Domains of use of the language;
Used in government, education and the workplace; most speakers value their language education and literacy in the language are valued by most community members; government and other institutions support the language.

What have other sources said about your language?

Reported # of speakers Vitality Assessment
ethnologue.com  53,200  1
en.wikipedia.org  44,000  Vigorous Use


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