Geographic Patterns and Socio-Economic Influences on Mobile Internet Access and Use in United States Counties

Sarkar, Avijit
Pick, James
Moss, Greg
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As mobile devices rapidly proliferate and internet services expand concomitantly, a confluence of the two enables users to access the internet on their mobile-cellular devices for a variety of purposes. In this paper, we examine mobile adoption and mobile internet usage in 3,108 counties of the United States for e-entertainment and e-commerce purposes. Spatial patterns of mobile internet adoption and usage are explored to understand the extent of the mobile internet digital divide in the US. Using the Spatially Aware Technology Utilization Model, socio-economic, innovation, affordability, and social capital influences on mobile adoption and mobile internet use are examined. Spatial dimensions of county-level mobile internet activity and evidence of strong association of geodemographic and tariff variables emphasize the importance of market forces on mobile internet usage. Policies to bridge the mobile internet digital divide are recommended based upon the significant influence of market factors, innovation, and affordability.
Digital Divide, K-means, m-Commerce, m-Entertainment, Regression Analysis
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