Public Libraries’ Perceptions of Future Collaborations for the Development of Smart Cities and Communities: Understanding Influential Factors

Yerden, Xiaoyi
Gil-Garcia, J.
Gasco-Hernandez, Mila
Burke, G Brian
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Recently, the concept of smart city has been adopted by many communities as a strategy to find alternative solutions to increasingly complex social, economic, and environmental issues. Different local actors, including public libraries, are already playing an important role in developing smart cities and communities either by themselves or in collaboration with other organizations. However, most public libraries are not currently collaborating for smart community development. Therefore, this paper analyzes the factors that influence public libraries’ perceptions about future collaborations in developing smart cities and communities as well as their potential benefits. The results show that consequential incentives, the nature of the task, preexisting relationships, an agreement on initial aims, and a collaborative and supportive leader all have a significant positive impact on the extent, effectiveness, and benefits of public libraries’ future collaborations to develop smart cities and communities.
Smart and Connected Cities and Communities, local government, public library, smart city, smart community
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