Designing Warning Interfaces causing Discomfort for Awareness of Risks: Revisited

Ami, Otsuka
Fujihara, Yasuhiro
Murayama, Yuko
Aoyagi, Tatsuya
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Making users aware of the risk by giving them a sense of discomfort and helping them not to access dangerous sites is crucial. Thus, we focus on developing a warning interface, causing discomfort, allowing smartphone users to be aware of danger and risks. We studied discomfort feelings while using smartphones and extracted five discomfort factors from a questionnaire survey and factor analysis. We implemented a prototype of warning interfaces for web browsing on a smartphone considering five factors. In the experiments, we have found that three factors out of the five, namely, “Unintended operation or display,” “Sudden changes,” and “Understanding of the application,” are significant for risk awareness, while the other two are not. This paper reports on the findings of the study.
Emerging Issues in e-Collaboration Distributed Group Decision-Making: Opportunities and Challenges, mobile, security warnings, smartphone, warning interfaces
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