Hawaiʻi Review, Volume 31, Number 2

University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
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Honolulu, University of Hawaii
Editor in Chief: Mizushima, Stephanie. Interim Asst. Editor: Yanagihara, Krystle. Asst. Editor: Scott, Chad. Poetry Editor: Lee, Jared. Contents: Barrett, Jonathan - "An Eye for an Eye." Whitman-Bradley, Buff - "Immortality," "Missed the Boat," "Yesterday's Weather." Camops, Raena - "Sakura Koi" "Judoka," "Twist in Time." Cooper, Earl - "Singing the Blues with Goki & Buri." Cotter, Craig - "Fake Smile." Epp, Darrell - "Contraindictions," "Souvenirs of Who Knows What." Evason, Gregg - "Plateau of Purpose," "Shadow." Francis, Keala - "The Pig Hunt." Fulmer, Sarah - "Toad Season." Ives, Rich - "The Happiness of Children." Jaeger, Lowell - "Her Sister Advises, 'Call Dad,'" "In this Room." Saburov, Evgeny (trans. J. Kates) - "--the world has fallen apart...," "A stallion in complete confusion..." Kincaid, Joan Payne - "Poem in Three Parts," "Rain Again II." Marie, Lilliana - "Asterina Miniata," "for Lindsey," "for Deborah Studly, for Everett," "acrylic on paper, mounted on canvas." McCall, Gavin - "Busted." McFadden, Dennis - "Delicate Ways." Misner, Carline - "Friday Estates," "The Lost Resort," "A Journal of Forgetting." Okanaka, Shintaro - "The Past and the Present," "Between Society and Freedom," "The glorious life of the college student," "Consumerism," "Balancing Act." Quilantang, Kenneth - "Splinters." Rietsesel-Low, Kristel - "Danny." MacDonald-Robinson, Reihana - "Huzzah for Otaheite," "Come Out." Shaffer, Eric Paul - "The Lone Streetlight on Piliwale Road," "Kalpana Chavla Aboard Columbia." Man, Wa Shing - "A Mother's Worry." Spiering, David - "at home: burden evaluations." Waters, Chris - "Wind Power on Cape Cod," "A Poet, No Christmas Plant." Williams, John Sibley - "This Other Island." Young, Tana G. - "Getting Out."
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