Application of EMMC-biobarrel technology for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse Application of entrapped-mixed-microbial-cell-biobarrel technology for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse Application of AMMC-biobarrel technology for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse

Zhu, Jia, 1977
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The entrapped-mixed-microbial-cell-biobarrel (EMMC-biobarrel) processes with both configurations of single-layer and double-layer were investigated for the removal of carbon and nitrogen simultaneously from synthetic-domestic wastewater with a CODIN ratio of 5 under various operational conditions. For the single-layer systems, the carrier was employed at the packing ratios of 10% and 20% based on the bioreactor water volume. In the double-layer system, carriers were separated into two layers which occupied the top and bottom parts of the reactor with an overall packing ratio of 13%. At the organic and nitrogen loading of O.75kg COD/m3/day and 0.16kg NH3-N/m3/day, all these systems achieved more than 96% of SCOD removal and NH3-N removal efficiencies under continuous aeration. The double-layer system achieved about 40% of total nitrogen removal, which was comparable with the single-layer system with packing ratio of 20% but higher than the single-layer system with a packing ratio of 10%. The SRT for the double-layer system and single-layer system with a packing ratio of 20% could be achieved to more than 200 days. Based on the economics analysis, in the achievement of comparable performance, the capital cost for the double-layer configuration was lower than that for the single-layer configuration. Therefore, double layer configuration is recommended for the EMMC-biobarrel process design. EMMC-biobarrel process offers many advantages over the existing wastewater treatment processes including small space requirement, simple operation and maintenance and . improved nitrogen removal. It demonstrates great potential for onsite, small scale/land limited wastewater treatment applications. The installation cost for an EMMC-biobarrel treatment unit with capacity of 400 gallons/day and 1,500 gallons/day are estimated as $4,671 and $10,191, respectively, which are comparable or lower than those for the existing commercial products which also involve the nitrogen removal technology. For small sca1e/land limited application, the total cost requirement is about $0.90 per 1000 gallons for treating settled domestic sewage per day.
Thesis (M.S.)--University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2006.
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 127-132).
xvi, 132 leaves, bound ill. 29 cm
Sewage -- Purification -- Biological treatment, Water reuse
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Theses for the degree of Master of Science (University of Hawaii at Manoa). Bioengineering; no. 4153
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