Diversity management in organizations – the measuring of the benefits: Visegrad Group (V4) countries perspective

Gross-Gołacka, Elwira
Kusterka-Jefmańska, Marta
Jefmański, Bartłomiej
Kupczyk, Teresa
Warwas, Izabela
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Popularization of the diversity management concept and its practical implementation at the level of organizations requires becoming organization owners aware of potential benefits. Therefore, the article presents the survey results of the organization representatives on the benefits of implementing the diversity management concept. The analytical part of the article is based on the survey results of 401 representatives of the organizations located in the Visegrad Group countries. The managing diversity concept knowledge and awareness of the resulting benefits were analyzed at the level of the whole group as well as in the cross-section of the member countries. In the analytical part of the article, selected modified multi-criteria decision making methods for ordinal data were used. Adopting the analytical approach also allowed to indicate the most important benefits that, in the opinion of the organization representatives, are the consequence of the diversity management concept implementation.
Value, Success, and Performance Measurements of Knowledge, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Systems, benefits, diverse human resources, diversity management, visegrad group
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