Technology-based Experiences of Young People: Opportunities for Filipino Educators

dc.contributor.affiliation Danilo Baylen - University of West Georgia
dc.contributor.affiliation Elvira Arellano - West Visayas State University Baylen, Danilo Arellano,Elvira 2020-07-30T22:18:30Z 2020-07-30T22:18:30Z 2018
dc.subject Academic tasks
dc.subject Gender
dc.subject Rural
dc.subject Social activities
dc.subject Technology use
dc.subject Urban
dc.title Technology-based Experiences of Young People: Opportunities for Filipino Educators
dc.type Conference Paper
dcterms.abstract The paper identifies and describes the use of technology in supporting the daily activities of individuals, 12 years and older, in Panay Island, Philippines. This study collected data using voluntary completion of a paper-based survey on technology use. Survey items asked respondents to identify how often technology was used to complete specific personal, professional, social or academic tasks or activities. The survey also collected demographic information on gender and location (rural/urban). Data analysis used descriptive and nonparametric statistics. Results demonstrate commonalities and differences in handling and accessing technology across gender and location of participants. The paper presents the top tasks performed “all the time” as well as “none at all” by the respondents. The results of this study might have implications to 1) designing education programs that integrate technology, 2) developing continuing professional development of educators on technology knowledge and skills especially those involved with the youth, and 3) creating a baseline of expectations among the population studied about integrating technology to specific tasks or activities. Generalization of the results might be limited only to the identified regional contexts or those with similar characteristics.
dcterms.extent 11 pages
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