Using Mobile Device to Teach Tennis Instructors How to Teach the Rules of Tennis

Aki, Ty
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Tennis instructors lack a formal background in teaching that would help them teach the rules of tennis to their students in ways that enhance retention and improve performance. The purpose of this project was to create and evaluate an iBook module to help tennis instructors teach the rules of tennis. The module was designed using iBook Author and Mayer’s (Mayer, 2003a, p. 302-303) eight principles of multimedia design to enhance cognitive processing during learning. All participants were well trained in playing the game with little to no background in teaching. Eight participants completed the module and several data collection instruments including a demographic survey, post and pre-test questionnaires and an attitudinal survey. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, looking for patterns in open-ended responses and through review of field notes taken by the researcher while observing on-court use. All participants agreed the module was an effective on-court tool that was useful, engaging, easy to use, well designed, and included quality content. They felt confident in using the tool and were highly satisfied. Seven of eight indicated they would definitely use it in the future.
iBook, mobile devices
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