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Genre: Oral history. Theme: Kidnapping-headhunting and construction sacrifice. This item is appendix to the article: Danerek, Stefan. 2016. Indonesia and the Malay World (45) 131: 88-107. online version (print 2017. "Ware" tells about the life and deeds, mostly ill ones, of "Ngange" (c. 1935-1971) pseudonym in article and in the other annotations). "Ngange's" real name is mentioned all through the current recording. "Ngange" was Ware's relative, born more than 15 years before him. "Ngange" was a person who searched widely for 'ilmu' BI. knowledge, particularly of the supernatural in this context). Building on inherited powers, including objects such as stones, within his lineage, he added black magic and other abilities to his know-how. He was 'doga, ata dogane' (invulnerable) and 'cago' (BI. 'jago' cock, able to defeat other "cocks"). He also taught people how to become invulnerable, as mentioned by Ware here, and as told by a Palu'e elder in two other recordings that will be published in the near future. I (SD) recorded with an AT2020 external microphone in my rented 'kos' (room) in Maumere 25 january 2015. I asked questions and tried to find out how "Ngange" came to be an evildoer and 'ata nggemine' ("kidnapper-headhunter"), and how his powers were constituted. In particular, I wanted to know more about "Ngange"'s kidnapping and headstealing activities. Ware told a lot more, sometimes straying from the main subject, but yet interesting. This recording is, as an exception, mostly in Indonesian. Scroll right or play to see more annotations. The English is freely translated, different from most of the translations from Palu'e to Indonesian that are mostly word by word. All is not translated; it is a long recording and all is not important for the main purpose. Picture of "Ngange's grave, kampong Kaju keri, Palu'e. He sounds unreal, but he was real. The audio file is cut from a longer recording, from where the subject shifts toward other living people.
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