Two Weeks to Live

Saito, Jenna Leigh
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
This screenplay is an adventure/comedy about Franklin, a thirty-year-old luggage salesman who still lived at home with his bickering parents until his untimely death. After his death, Franklin winds up in purgatory. The problem is, Franklin doesn’t remember dying--nor does he remember killing his father and brother in the process. Worse still, purgatory lost documentation of the last two weeks of his life. Before being sentenced to his eternal fate, Franklin is ordered to relive the last two weeks of his life, exactly as it was, in an effort to piece together the mysterious circumstances surrounding his final moments. To monitor his progress and guarantee that he plays by the rules, Isla (an I.D. Specialist in purgatory) accompanies him on his two-week return. During his time back on earth, Franklin discovers that the simple life he thought he lived housed a twisted web of secrets. Secrets that lead to his father’s, his brother’s and his own demise. Filled with mayhem, mishaps, and mistaken identities, Franklin and Isla venture to 1970s Las Vegas and Hollywood, further ensnaring themselves in the murky underworld of the Syndicate. Franklin must uncover the secrets and untangle himself from the murders if he has any hope of escaping a harsh sentence in the afterlife.
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