dc.content.language Tai Hongjin en_US
dc.content.language Mandarin en_US
dc.content.languagecode tiz en_US
dc.content.languagecode cmn en_US
dc.contributor.depositor Gao, Katie B. en_US
dc.contributor.interviewer Guan, Xuan en_US
dc.contributor.recorder Gao, Katie B. en_US
dc.contributor.researcher Gao, Katie B. en_US
dc.coverage.iso3166 CN en_US 2014-09-23T23:11:30Z 2014-09-23T23:11:30Z 2014-07-30 en_US 2014-07-30 en_US 2014-07-30 en_US
dc.description 283-word wordlist in Wuding Tianxin Tai dialect (F, 48), ellicited in Standard Mandarin en_US
dc.description.region Tai Hongjin is spoken in northern Yunnan and Southeastern Yunnan; the Wuding variety of Tai Hongjin is classified as the Yongwu dialect, though this is not distinguished by the speakers themselves; wordlist participant from Wuding County, Tianxin Township, Luqi Village Administration, Aduoka Village 武定县田心乡鲁期村委会啊多卡村 en_US
dc.format digital wav file recorded at 44.1 kHz/32 bit on Zoom H4n solid state recorder en_US
dc.format.extent 0:21:15 en_US
dc.identifier KG2-021
dc.language.iso tiz en_US
dc.subject.language Tai Hongjin en_US
dc.subject.languagecode tiz en_US
dc.title KG2-021 en_US
dc.type.dcmi Sound en_US
dc.type.linguistictype lexicon en_US China
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