The Arctic in world affairs : a North Pacific dialogue on Arctic transformation : 2011 North Pacific Arctic conference proceedings

North Pacific Arctic Conference (2011 : Honolulu Hawaii)
Corell, Robert W.
Kang, James Seong Cheol
Kim, Yoon Hyung
Korea Transport Institute
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Gyeonggi, Korea : Korea Transport Institute
Honolulu, HI : East-West Center
The Arctic in World Affairs: A North Pacific Dialogue on Arctic Transformation addresses four major themes relating to the maritime Arctic: implications of Arctic transformation for the North Pacific, opening of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) and changes in North Pacific transportation and logistics, North Pacific access to Arctic energy resources, and promoting North Pacific cooperation on the governance of Arctic marine shipping and energy resource development. Bringing together prominent Arctic experts from the three North Pacific arctic coastal states (Canada, Russia, and the United States) and three leading North Pacific non-arctic states (China, Japan, and Korea), the book goes beyond generalities; it addresses the details of major concerns in an effort to identify practical solutions to Arctic marine issues and move them from paper to practice.<br><br>The book underscores the many ways in which the Arctic is changing and the challenges and opportunities that this represents: There is increasing interaction and feedback between the regions of the Northern Hemisphere and the Arctic, with consequences for climate change, ecosystems, human health, economic and resource development, and societies. This volume explores these interactions.
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