Towards a Wellbeing-driven System Design for Intergenerational Collaborative Innovation: A Literature Review

Nurhas, Irawan
Geisler, Stefan
Ojala, Arto
Pawlowski, Jan
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Researchers have previously utilized the advantages of a design driven by well-being and intergenerational collaboration (IGC) for successful innovation. Unfortunately, scant information exists regarding barrier dimensions and correlated design solutions in the information systems (IS) domain, which can serve as a starting point for a design oriented toward well-being in an IGC system. Therefore, in this study, we applied the positive computing approach to guide our analysis in a systematic literature review and developed a framework oriented toward well-being for a system with a multi-generational team. Our study contributes to the IS community by providing five dimensions of barriers to IGC and the corresponding well-being determinants for positive system design. In addition, we propose further research directions to close the research gap based on the review outcomes.
Emerging Issues in e-Collaboration Distributed Group Decision-Making: Opportunities and Challenges, cross-generational challenges, design for wellbeing, intergenerational collaboration, intergenerational innovation, positive computing
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