An Analysis of Ceramic Vessel Forms from the Vat Komnou Cemetery at Angkor Borei, Mekong River Delta, Southern Cambodia

Yoshida, Hirosato
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Southeast Asia witnessed the rise of some of the most remarkable early states in the ancient world. In this honors thesis I outline an analysis of ceramics from the ancient site of Angkor Borei in southern Cambodia. This analysis was undertaken to document networks of social and economic interaction among cultural groups in Southeast Asia between500 BCE to 500 CE. Toward this end, I examined and classified ceramics that were excavated by the University of Hawaii from Vat Komnou mortuary during field seasons in 1999 and 2000. To put the findings of Vat Komnou in a broader regional context, I compared them to ceramic vessel assemblages that have been studied at six other sites by other scholars: Ban Chiang Hian, Ban Don Ta Phet, Ban Wang Hi, Chansen, Oc Eo, and Tra Kieu. My comparative analysis confirmed that vessels from some of these sites were remarkably similar in shape to those that were excavated at Vat Komnou. On the basis of this fmding, I argue that there had been a significant degree of interaction between the residents of Angkor Borei and their neighbors in surrounding societies.
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