Creating an Information Industry in Hawaii: the State Government's Pro-active Approach and its Potential for Success

Quirk, Ruth Marie
Naj, Linda
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International Telecommunications Society Conference
This paper will briefly review the unique geographic, socioeconomic, and political background of the State of Hawaii, as well as the existing telecommunications and information infrastructures for the purpose of highlighting the recent efforts of the state government to encourage the creation and growth of an information industry. The State's efforts will be outlined as an example of a highly pro-active governmental stance vis-a-vis the "information industry" in the midst of the general climate of deregulation in the U.S. and Hawaii telecommunications sectors. The existing resources upon which an information industry in Hawaii could be based and factors both favorable to the success of this initiative as well as potential pitfalls and obstacles will be reviewed. Finally, new activity in this area of the Hawaiian economy as it relates to the initiatives that the government has taken will be looked at and possible scenarios for future development will be presented.
Paper presented at the 8th International Telecommunications Society Conference, Venice, Italy March 18-21, 1990.
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