Instructor interview for Place-Based WAC/WID writing instruction in English, clip 3 of 12

Place-based WAC/WID Hui
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Brief excerpt from interview: The mapping project is premised on this idea of home. You had to brainstorm a home space, and home can mean a diverse range of things...[Students] had to choose a home space, and thinking about place and space, they had to create five poems... in a mapped space... [They had to create an introduction for readers that included] how to think about poetry and place. The way we move through space is very interesting and the way we talk about how we move. I don't think too many people are cognisant of the way... of the effects of the way they move in this place.. affect way more than just the self. Framing movement and permission through place that you're accustomed to through a reader/writer relationship is very useful.
This item includes a segment of an instructor interview in a Writing Intensive course in English at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. The interview was conducted in 2014, and in this clip the interviewee is responding to the question 'When you designed [a designated writing assignment], what goal(s) did you have for student writing performances and class dynamics related to them?'
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Revilla, Noʻukahauʻoli. 'Instructor interview for Place-Based WAC/WID writing instruction in English, clip 3 of 12.' Interview with Jim Henry. Scholarspace. Sep. 2015. Web.
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English 273: Introduction to Literature Creative Writing (Poetry and Place)
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