A Review of the Damselfish Genus Chromis from the Hawaiian Islands, with Descriptions of Three New Species

Randall, John E.
Swerdloff, Stanley N.
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University of Hawaii Press
The pomacentrid genus Chromis is represented by eight species in the Hawaiian Islands: vanderbilti, leucurus, agilis, ovalis, verater, and the new species acares, hanui, and struhsakeri. Agilis and hanui were formerly confused as color phases of leucurus. Ovalis, verater, hanui, and struhsakeri are known only from the Hawaiian region, the latter from depths of 103 to 184 meters. The range of vanderbilti is extended to other central and western Pacific localities; acares is described from Johnston Island and other islands of Oceania; leucurus is recorded from the Marquesas Islands, and verater from Johnston Island. The genera pycnochromis, Thrissochromis, Serrichromis, Lepicephalochromis, and Siphonochromis described by Fowler (1941-1946) are referred to the synonymy of Chromis. Daseyllus caudofasciatus Montalban is a junior synonym of Chromis lepidolepis Bleeker. Siphonochromis lepidostethicus Fowler and Lepicephalochromis westalli Whitley are junior synonyms of Chromis isharae (Schmidt).
Randall JE, Swerdloff SN. 1973. A review of the damselfish genus Chromis from the Hawaiian Islands, with descriptions of three new species. Pac Sci 27(4): 327-349.
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