dc.content.language Ventureño
dc.content.language Spanish
dc.content.language English
dc.content.languagecode veo
dc.content.languagecode spa
dc.content.languagecode eng Henry-Rodriguez, Timothy
dc.contributor.consultant Librado, Fernando
dc.contributor.consultant Valenzuela, Candelaria
dc.contributor.consultant Tumamait, Cecilio
dc.contributor.consultant de Jesús Justo, Juan
dc.contributor.consultant Pico, Simplicio
dc.contributor.consultant Peregrino Romero, José
dc.contributor.consultant Olivas, José Juan
dc.contributor.consultant López, Alejandro
dc.contributor.depositor Henry-Rodriguez, Timothy P
dc.contributor.interviewer Harrington, John Peabody
dc.contributor.participant Vestuto, Matthew
dc.contributor.participant Layton, Isabel
dc.contributor.participant Guzman, Brenda
dc.contributor.participant Arellanes Fishburn, Eleanor
dc.contributor.participant Tumamait-Stenslie, Julie
dc.contributor.researcher Henry-Rodriguez, Timothy
dc.contributor.speaker Librado, Fernando
dc.contributor.speaker Valenzuela, Candelaria
dc.contributor.speaker Tumamait, Cecilio
dc.contributor.speaker de Jesús Justo, Juan
dc.contributor.speaker Pico, Simplicio
dc.contributor.speaker Peregrino Romero, José
dc.contributor.speaker Olivas, José Juan
dc.contributor.speaker López, Alejandro
dc.coverage.iso3166 US 2019-10-30T17:33:15Z 2019-10-30T17:33:15Z 2005-09-03 2019-10-11 2019-10-11
dc.description Item TJPH-001 is a .pdf dictionary of the Ventureño Chumash language with a focus on the Mitsqanaqan̓ dialect. Dictionary consists of a Ventureño-English and English-Ventureño part, and semantic lists going from English to Ventureño.
dc.description.region Ventura County, California, United States of America
dc.format pdf file
dc.format.extent 5000 entries
dc.identifier TJPH1-001
dc.language.iso veo
dc.subject.language Ventureño
dc.subject.languagecode veo
dc.title TJPH1-001
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.type.linguistictype lexicon
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