Devising a Game Theoretic Approach to Enable Smart City Digital Twin Analytics

Mohammadi, Neda
Taylor, John
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Despite investments in advancing information and communications technology (ICT)-integrated infrastructure systems toward becoming Smarter Cities, cities often face a large gap between smart sustainable supply and demand. Here, we review the core concepts of ICT-integrated infrastructure systems as they pertain to developing smart and sustainable cities, and describe how a game theoretic-based digital twin of a city can enable more visibility and insight into the successful implementation of such systems. This study is a foundational step toward enabling participation of all city stakeholders (i.e., government, industry, and citizens) in the decision making process and the creation of smart sustainable cities. Engaging city stakeholders in such a manner allows for collective participation in changes, which can enable continuous adaptation toward more sustaining growth and prosperity.
Smart City Digital Twins, Decision Analytics, Mobile Services, and Service Science, Smart City, Digital Twin, Game Theory, Sustainability
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