Perceptions of bilingual teachers by teachers and students

dc.contributor.advisor Brown, James D. Abe, Yoko 2016-05-09T21:52:39Z 2016-05-09T21:52:39Z 2011
dc.description.abstract This study investigates self-perceptions of Bilingual English (BE) teachers who taught English in Thailand. It examines their students' perceptions of BE teachers from various countries who did not speak students' first language (L1). This study addresses four areas of importance to the perceptions of BE teacheers: (a) Thai university students' perceptions of BE teachers from the beginning to the end of the course; (b) BE teachers' perceptions of themselves from the beginning to the end of the course; (c) BE teachers' and students' variables related to their perceptions of BE teachers; and (d) students' perceptions and their teachers' perceptions of BE teachers. This study employs quantitative and qualitative research methods: pre- and post-course surveys and interviews. The surveys were distributed to eight BE teachers and their 57 students at the beginning and the end of the eight-week courses. The results of pre- and post-course surveys were compared to examine how their perceptions of BE teachers may have changed. After the post-course survey, interviews to randomly selected students taught by different BE teachers were conducted to further examine their perceptions. The results showed that both BE teachers and students had positive images of BE teachers. Moreover, not many variables were found in both groups of BE teachers and their students. However, one variable for each group stood out: experienced and inexperienced teachers, and students enrolled in different language skills courses. There were similarities found between teachers' perceptions and students' perceptions of BE teachers.
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dc.title Perceptions of bilingual teachers by teachers and students
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