Designing an S-Designated English 100 Presentation Hiser, Krista 2017-06-14T21:49:50Z 2017-06-14T21:49:50Z 2017-04-08
dc.description This talk was presented as part of Breakout Session 2 | Panel 1: "Theming First Year Composition." This is the full PDF of the talk's powerpoint presentation slides.
dc.description.abstract The concept of the S Designation comes from Derek Owens' book 2001 Composition & Sustainability. Compelling issues related to climate change impacts in Hawaii (sea level rise, weather and storm intensity, and food insecurity) are vitally engaging to students when scaffolded effectively. Learning outcomes related to rhetoric: ethos, logos, pathos, for example, can be explored through emerging composition fields such as climate communication and science communication. Primary and secondary research skills are embedded, as is critical thinking, in learning about Wicked Problems. Sustainability and Composition are a great fit. 
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dc.publisher Honolulu: 2017 UH First-Year Writing Symposium
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dc.title Designing an S-Designated English 100 Presentation
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