Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program : draft cable laying control and data acquisition systems final design report

Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc.
Edward K. Noda & Associates
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Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.
Edward K. Noda & Associates
This report describes the Integrated Control System (ICS), the Data Acquisition System (DAS) and data collection systems presently being completed for the At-Sea Test phase of the Hawaii Deep Wlater Cable Program. Two previous reports on the control of the cable laying process are as follows: "Conceptual Design of Reduced Scale At-Sea Test" - January, 1987 and "Cable Laying Control and Data Acquisitions Systems, Preliminary Design Report"- September 15, 1987. These previous documents provided detailed description of the At-Sea Test and the performance of the cable laying control system. This report is primarily an update of the hardware and the physical description of the system.
Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program, demonstration, engineering, deployment, Hawaii
Makai Ocean Engineering Inc., Edward K. Noda & Associates. 1988. Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program: draft cable laying control and data acquisition systems final design report. (HI): Makai Ocean Engineering Inc. and Edward K. Noda & Associates.
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