On Fleeting Ground: An Exhibition of Drawings

Evans, Brady
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
I hope to capture a moment and prolong the sensations that accompany it. The drawings in my exhibition are based on shadows from a sunny day in Manoa. Captured using brush and ink the shadows are reworked and reformed, emphasizing the unique and dynamic nature of the shadow. As I steadily work, the process becomes a kind of meditation, observing the marks as they build up, swell, and recede. What results is a shadow transformed into a world that is drawn neither from my own imagination nor completely from reality, a world that may lie right beneath one’s own feet. Zen Buddhism tells of an awakening that is inspired from an everyday experience. The transitory nature of shadows becomes a metaphor for a discovery of the profound in the everyday, many worlds that come and go as the sun passes from one horizon to another.
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