Digital resource Orchestration in Healthcare: The Case of Västra Götaland Region

Kizito, Michael
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Resource orchestration is seen as a key element of IT governance and is advocated as a critical mechanism for digital transformation. Given the current trend of digital transformation it is imperative to have in place good IT governance practices to create value through IT investments, manage IT risks, and provide IT assurance. There are shortcomings in the implementation process to turn Health IT (HIT) investment into tangible benefits. HIT staff at different managerial levels in the Västra Götaland Region (VGR) in Sweden, were interviewed to understand how they orchestrate digital resources. The findings showed that they are already carrying out digital resource orchestration actions to keep abreast with the digital transformation. They have put in place a governance and organizational structure on top of prioritizing innovation. The contribution is in the identification of resource orchestration actions carried out by HIT staff at various managerial levels in VGR healthcare organizations.
Global Health IT Strategies, Information Technology in Healthcare, Healthcare, IT governance, Resource Orchestration
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