Fast and Federal—Policies for Next-Generation Federalism in Germany

Scholta, Hendrik
Niemann, Marco
Halsbenning, Sebastian
Räckers, Michael
Becker, Jörg
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Federalism and e-government are important to many countries across the globe but come up with two contradicting characteristics that are especially existent in Germany. First, citizens and businesses want to receive e-government services easily but the identification of government entities that are responsible for service delivery in federal states is difficult. Second, e-government has to react to fast developments but decision-making is distributed and rather slow in federal states. To address the area of tension between federalism and e-government, we suggest seven polices that raise internal efficiency and external simplicity of federalism in Germany. We transfer existing policies of e-government literature and practice to our research problem in the course of discussions in a research group of five people. The policies are evaluated in semi-structured interviews with eleven leaders from the German government. The evaluation reveals the appropriateness of the policies to address the issues of federalism in e-government.
Policies and Strategies for Digital Government, Digital Government, Digital Government, Federal State, Federalism, Public Administration, Public Policy
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