High School Students Opinions of Lumosity to Assist Assignment Submission

Hermosura, Eric
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Interest in online learning, games for learning, immediate feedback and the brain science of neuroplasticity are research topics that have created interest within the field of education. The website Lumosity has merged these varied research topics to create a learning website based on neuroplasticity techniques, while implementing immediate feedback, accessibility of being online and the fun of games. Students have generally viewed homework with disdain, while teachers and administrators have to struggle with students to convince them of homework’s importance. Homework submission has been linked to educational attainment and success. While Lumosity is not specifically for homework submission, different games can be played to address components that are related to homework submission, specifically concentration, problem solving and decision making. Can the use of Lumosity by High School Seniors improve homework submission and what are the students perceptions of Lumosity? Field notes, observation, a small group interview and four surveys throughout research were used to collect data. Results showed that students had a positive opinion towards Lumosity. There were students in both the control group and experimental group that would spend three hours a week on Lumosity in their free time. The students opinions regarding Lumosity improving homework submission was the lowest. When examining homework submission in the classroom, there was an increase in the middle of the research, but this increase coincided with homework submission that was essential for graduation. Students did show a positive opinion of the main components of Lumosity: neuroplasticity, games, immediate feedback, online accessibility and games. According to student opinions in surveys and interviews, Lumosity led to an improvement in concentration, intellectual stimulation and fun.
Students Opinions of Lumosity to Assist Assignment Submission paper and presentation
Action Research, Assignment Submission, Game based learning, Homework, Immediate Feedback, Lumosity, ETEC, Neuroplasticity
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