Culture and behavior in Hawaii : an annotated bibliography

Rubano, Judith
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Honolulu, Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawaii
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The multi-ethnic character of the population of Hawaii has long attracted students of the behavioral sciences. Many of these scientists, and especially the visiting researchers, have encountered difficulty in obtaining or even locating literature specific to Hawaii and relevant to their fields of scientific interest. This bibliography is an effort to correct that situation by bringing together materials which relate to the attitudes and behavior of the people of Hawaii, particularly those attitudes and behaviors which have some ethnic relevance. A word is in order regarding those materials which were deliberately omitted from this bibliography. Among these are brief reports of demographic data which include statistics but omit interpretation or analysis. This type of information is available through the Hawaii Department of Planning and Economic Development. The Department releases demographic data through two publications: the Statistical Report Series, issued several times a year since 1963, and the Report CTC Series, published frequently but irregularly since 1963 by the Department’s Census Tract Committee. Also, numerous memoranda are circulated within the Department reporting demographic data felt to be useful to state research personnel. Reports of economic conditions in Hawaii, many of which contain detailed socio-demographic data, have been published annually since 1951 by the Bank of Hawaii, Department of Business Research. Titles vary with emphasis of these mid-year reports. For census data the reader is referred to reports of the U. S. Bureau of the Census which has been publishing statistics for Hawaii regularly since the Thirteenth Census (1910). Materials reporting ethnic differentiation in the incidence of ill nesses and disease have not been deliberately sought out except where recognized specialists have suggested the significance of psycho-cultural factors. Although many works of this nature have been included, the coverage tends to be somewhat scanty. Articles reporting ethnic variation in illness and disease frequently appear in the Hawaii Medical Journal, a quarterly publication of the Hawaii Medical Association. For additional information the reader may wish to consult the numerous publications of the Hawaii Depart ment of Health, particularly their annual Statistical Report; and newsletters, information bulletins and research reports published by the various branches and bureaus of the Department of Health. The compilation of linguistic materials is not as complete as that of two rather recently published bibliographies devoted entirely to this subject. For more extensive treatment of works in language and linguistics the reader is referred to John E. Reinecke's Language and Dialect in Hawaii, edited by Stanley M. Tsuzaki and published in 1969 by the University of Hawaii Press. Tsuzaki and Reinecke have also co-authored a 1966 publication of the Pacific and Asian Linguistic Institute of the University of Hawaii, entitled English in Hawaii: An Annotated Bibliography. While it is recognized that some knowledge of the history of the peoples of Hawaii is essential to the understanding of culture, behavior and culture change, works of a purely historical nature have been omitted. It is suggested that those seeking historical data make their interests known to the Curator of the Hawaiian Collection of the University of Hawaii, that they may be guided to suitable materials. A Selective Reading List of Hawaiian Books, compiled by Janet E . Bell and Yasuto Kaihara has been issued annually since 1965 by the Curator. Among its categories are history, culture, language, natural history and bibliography. Newspaper and popular magazine articles have been excluded from this bibliography. Such materials may be found in the Index to the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1929-1968, published in 1968 by the Office of Library Services of the Hawaii Department of Education. This is a five-volume subject index to the two major newspapers of Hawaii. The major sources of materials and data on the people of Hawaii are to be found in libraries and collections located at the University of Hawaii, Hawaii State Library and Hawaii Department of Health. This bibliography originated as a research project under the direction of Professor William P. Lebra, who conceived the idea of the bibliographic series of which it is a part. His guidance and consistent encouragement made this work possible.
Manners and customs, Personality and culture, Bibliography, Acculturation--Hawaii--Bibliography, Cultural Diversity--Hawaii--Bibliography, Ethnic Groups--Hawaii--Bibliography, Ethnology--Hawaii--Bibliography, Hawaii--Population--Bibliography, Hawaii--Social life and customs--Bibliography, Personality and culture--Hawaii--Bibliography
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