Determinants of Job Satisfaction in Janitorial Workers

Higa, Sherri
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Job satisfaction is an area of organizational behavior that has been researched countless times and in depth throughout the decades. Even with thousands of pages in print of theories, predictors, and the affects of job satisfaction, the topic still leaves employers frustrated and researchers ever busy. If someone asks an employee how satisfied he/she is with his or her respective job, the answer is quickly and easily obtained; it is what determines job satisfaction that creates the greatest controversy. This paper attempts to explore and investigate the determinants of job satisfaction. The first section covers the conflicting theories about job satisfaction. These theories emphasize unique factors influencing job satisfaction. In the next section, the validity and significance of the job satisfaction theories are tested using a survey of custodial workers. Statistical analysis is then done on the results of the survey to determine what affects job satisfaction. From the results a discussion and analysis follow. As will be shown, certain factors of job satisfaction had a sizable influence on whether a person found satisfaction in his/her job or not. Conclusions are then drawn from the research and survey about what has a major affect upon job satisfaction.
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