Promoting Equity and Inclusion in Virtual Education Abroad Programs Dr. Teague, Jennifer Dr. DeLotell 2023-02-17T23:05:35Z 2023-02-17T23:05:35Z 2022
dc.title Promoting Equity and Inclusion in Virtual Education Abroad Programs
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dcterms.abstract Known intercultural skill gaps exist for recent college graduates, but those skills gaps can be addressed through defined and intentional global learning experiences. Moreover, employers are more likely to hire graduates that have partaken in such experiences, underscoring the value of these programs to students both personally and professionally. Traditional global experiences have typically been delivered via short and long-term “study abroad” experiences, consisting of travel itineraries to foreign lands. This comes at great expense in terms of student time and financial cost, both of which are often in short supply for the typical online learner. Virtual global experiences can help bridge this gap for underrepresented and non-traditional students, making these opportunities available to a wider and more diverse population.
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