Interview transcript with Dr. Dieter Mueller-Dombois on the history of the Botany Department at UH Mānoa

This transcription is of an approximately two-hour semi-structured interview of Dr. Mueller-Dombois with Georgia Fredeluces (Hart) which took place on March 9th, 2017 in the St. John Plant Sciences Building at UH Mānoa. The interview covers people and events connected to the Botany department over the time of Dr. Mueller-Dombois' tenure, as well as parts of his life story. The interview questionnaire, on which this interview is loosely based, is also attached for reference. We have also attached a booklet in German and English which is a life tribute to Dr. Mueller-Dombois. All items approved for submission by Dr. Mueller-Dombois.
This is a pdf transcription of an interview with embedded images and links, along with a scanned life tribute booklet in pdf, and a pdf of the interview questionnaire.
Forest ecology, Oral history, Ohia lehua, Germany, Indonesia, Pacific Cooperative Studies Unit, PABITRA, Hawaii--Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
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