Developing a Zen Click Fraud Detection Framework Using Smart Contracts Sanders, Sean Ziarek, Lukasz 2021-12-24T18:27:32Z 2021-12-24T18:27:32Z 2022-01-04
dc.description.abstract Over 3,739 apps on average are published per day on the Google Play store [1]. A handful of the applications contain advertisement malware referred to as malvertising. As a result, Android advertisement malware has been a growing multi-billion-dollar problem. It constantly assaults many of the major advertising libraries such as the Google, Facebook, and Amazon. This paper presents an effective strategy for countering advertising malware using dynamic and static analysis techniques and the Soot compiler framework. Our research aims to detect malvertising click fraud in Android applications using the Soot compiler framework and blockchain technology. But the approach and the framework can be used to counter mobile malware families.
dc.format.extent 10 pages
dc.identifier.doi 10.24251/HICSS.2022.888
dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-9981331-5-7
dc.language.iso eng
dc.relation.ispartof Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
dc.rights Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
dc.subject Blockchain Engineering
dc.subject blockchain
dc.subject fraud detection
dc.subject malware
dc.subject smart contracts
dc.title Developing a Zen Click Fraud Detection Framework Using Smart Contracts
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