Digitalisation and Enterprise Knowledge (net)Working

Vladova, Gergana
Ullrich, André
Bahrs, Julian
Bender, Benedict
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Social media and emerging mobile technologies have forever changed the landscape of human interaction. Furthermore, they already play a pivotal role also in enterprises as a part of the organisational Knowledge Management System. Almost all large organisations have already implemented at least one Enterprise Social Media tool since they enable collaboration, provide easy access to information, and are available at reasonable costs. The effects of the decoupling of the real and the virtual world (as a result of Social Media use) on the construct "knowledge" and on knowledge management are still not sufficiently investigated. Against this background, the paper presents an exploratory approach of the development of a specific morphological tableau as an instrument for the analysis of employees’ behavior in context of knowledge management related ESM use. Furthermore, the application of the tableau is exemplary illustrated and further research steps are explained.
Knowledge Economics, social media, knowledge management, digitalisation, ESM, KMS
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