A Design Methodology for Learning Analytics Information Systems: Informing Learning Analytics Development with Learning Design

Nguyen, Andy
Gardner, Lesley
Sheridan, Don
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The paper motivates, presents and demonstrates a methodology for developing and evaluating learning analytics information systems (LAIS) to support teachers as learning designers. In recent years, there has been increasing emphasis on the benefits of learning analytics to support learning and teaching. Learning analytics can inform and guide teachers in the iterative design process of improving pedagogical practices. This conceptual study proposed a design approach for learning analytics information systems which considered the alignment between learning analytics and learning design activities. The conceptualization incorporated features from both learning analytics, learning design, and design science frameworks. The proposed development approach allows for rapid development and implementation of learning analytics for teachers as designers. The study attempted to close the loop between learning analytics and learning design. In essence, this paper informs both teachers and education technologists about the interrelationship between learning design and learning analytics.
Advances in Teaching and Learning Technologies, learning analytics, design science, learning design, system development
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