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Genre: Medicine/huru. Meli Pisane (young grandmother) recorded in Wongga and Luthe's (and Lebi's and Om Paulus Pidhu [Wongga's siblings], and my, SD alias Cawa Lunda's home too, when visiting Palu'e) home in the evening 18 June -15 in kampong Nara. The recording was done directly with the H4N because I knewI had to ask questions and that the several persons present would want to add something to the other's narrations. So, finally I got to record the local "pisa"healers", or actually the practitioners of home remedies in the near neighbourhood. Meli told two 'huru' that both use sirih pinang. Neither are prohibitions, that inflict disease. They are only applied, and named, after the symtoms. This one is named after its pecuiiar material, but not an ingredient of the chew. The shell of the forest snail 'dheku heko' is pressed toward the mixture around the ears. Paulus Pidhu, Veronika Punga, Meli Pisane, Sami Vendelinus (present after a while). Lebi (sister) and Wongga (husband) listening. Notes: dheku heko, lea, baphe, dhou (wakane), kapha wuane. (huru dheku heko. MP). Ear pain. No curse. Dheku heko snail pressed circled around the ear where the mixture has ben applied. Cotton “fruit” pressed around ear after that. Simple bhulu wao.
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