Native Hawaiian ethnographic study for the Hawaii Geothermal Project proposed for Puna and Southeast Maui

Matsuoka, Jon K.
Minerbi, Luciano
Kanahele, Pualani
Kelly, Marion
Barney-Campbell, Noenoe
Saulsbury, James W.
Trettin, Lillian D.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
This report makes available and archives the background scientific data and related information collected for an ethnographic study of selected areas on the islands of Hawaii and Maui. The task was undertaken during preparation of an environmental impact statement for Phases 3 and 4 of the Hawaii Geothermal Project (HGP) as defined by the state of Hawaii in its April 1989 proposal to Congress. Since the state of Hawaii is no longer pursuing or planning to pursue the HGP, DOE considers the project to be terminated. Information is included on the ethnohistory of Puna and southeast Maui; ethnographic fieldwork comparing Puna and southeast Maui; and Pele beliefs, customs, and practices.
Prepared for U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Operations Office by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Report Number: ORNL/Sub--93-SN381; OSTI ID: 463547; Legacy ID: DE97051268; Other: ON: DE97051268
cultural, Native Hawaiian, Hawaii Geothermal Project, Kilauea, Big Island, Hawaii Island, Puna, Maui, Hawaii
Matsuoka JK, Minerbi L, Kanahele P, Kelly M, Barney-Campbell N, Saulsbury, Trettin LD. 1996. Native Hawaiian Ethnographic Study for the Hawaii Geothermal Project Proposed for Puna and Southeast Maui. Oak Ridge (TN): Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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