The Chinese in Hawaii; an annotated bibliography

Young, Nancy Foon
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Honolulu, Social Science Research Institute, University of Hawaii; distributed by University Press of Hawaii
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This bibliography lists and annotates selected materials with significant data on the Chinese in Hawaii without regard to academic field or orientation. Its primary aim is to aid the researcher in locating data on the Chinese— much of which is scattered in a myriad of short articles and brief documents. While emphasis is on the Chinese in the Hawaiian Islands, selected references on the homeland are included to provide background on emigration and the effects of such emigration on the home country. In the process of locating materials for inclusion in this bibliography, I relied heavily upon other bibliographic works— especially previous publications in the Social Science Research Institute Hawaii Series: The Japanese in Hawaii, 1868-1967: A Bibliography of the First Hundred Years, by Mitsugu Matsuda; The Koreans in Hawaii: An Annotated Bibliography by Arthur L. Gardner; and Culture and Behavior in Hawaii: An Annotated Bibliography by Judith Rubano. A number of annotations from these works were quoted in their entirety or with slight modification. Where this was done, the author of the bibliography and the number of the item quoted follows the annotation. Also very useful were English in Hawaii: An Annotated Bibliography, co-authored by Stanley Tsuzaki and John Reinecke (1969) and two SSRI working papers: "The Chinese in Hawaii: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography" by C. H. Lowe and "The Filipinos in Hawaii: An Annotated Bibliography" by Ruben R. Alcantara and Nancy S. Alconcel, with Cesar S. Wycoco. Materials on the Chinese in Hawaii were searched at public libraries throughout Honolulu. A search of libraries on the other Islands or on the mainland United States may yield further data, but is beyond the scope of this project. The location of each work cited is indicated at the extreme right of the entry, preceding the annotation. Additional locations of general materials have been omitted if they are available on the University of Hawaii campus; in the case of rare documents all possible locations are listed. The most extensive collection of works is found at the Hawaiian and Pacific Collection of the University, but important documents are also held by the Hawaii Chinese History Center, the Hawaiian Historical Society, the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, the Archives of Hawaii, and the Hamilton Library of the University of Hawaii. B. A. honors’ theses are housed separately on the fourth floor of Sinclair Library at the University, but selected theses are currently being Xeroxed for inclusion in the Hawaiian and Pacific Collection. Some materials are also available at the Hawaii State Library, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the United Chinese Society, the University of Hawaii Asia Collection and various State offices, such as the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Limited information on the Chinese is housed at the ILWU and Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association (HSPA) libraries, but since these libraries are not open to the general public, their materials are not reported in this bibliography. Holdings of the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum duplicate University materials, and thus the museum location is not reported. Newspaper articles reporting current news on the Chinese are excluded. Regular news articles are indexed in the Index to the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star Bulletin, 1929-1968, published in 1968 by the Office of Library Services of the Hawaii Department of Education. The Archives of Hawaii has indexed a number of Hawaii newspapers, although the indexing is incomplete. However, special articles such as the 1961 supplements to the Honolulu Star Bulletin and Honolulu Advertiser commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, are listed. Materials on the Chinese on the mainland United States are purposely omitted as these have been covered elsewhere. Three useful bibliographies of Asians on the mainland U. S. are: Asians in America: A Bibliography of Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations by William Wong Lum (1970); Asians in America: A Selected Annotated Bibliography by Isao Fujimoto, Michiyo Yamaguchi Swift and Rosalie Zucker (1971); and Asian Americans: An Annotated Bibliography, Harry Kitano, ed. (1971). The Hawaii Chinese History Center has collected a large amount of printed materials from various organizations in Honolulu. For many organizations these documents consist of minutes, financial records, and other raw data retained by the present officers. Those interested in such materials can consult the list of "Presidents of the Chinese Organizations in Honolulu, " issued annually by the United Chinese Society, and then contact the current president. Chinese-language sources are included in the body of this bibliography in alphabetical order according to the English translation of the author or title of the article. The Chinese characters for these sources are listed by item number in the Glossary. This bibliography represents the culmination of a two-year cooperative effort of the Hawaii Chinese History Center and the Social Science Research Institute of the University of Hawaii, and is the first major publication produced by the Hawaii Chinese History Center, an organization initiated in October, 1971.
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