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dc.contributor.depositor Kimura, Larry Lindsey Kauanoe
dc.contributor.interviewer Kimura, Larry Lindsey Kauanoe
dc.contributor.recorder Kimura, Larry Lindsey Kauanoe
dc.contributor.speaker Elizabeth Ellis
dc.contributor.speaker Elizabeth ʻElikāpeka Cazimero
dc.contributor.speaker ʻAʻala Roy
dc.contributor.speaker Ida Kapuʻihilani Feary-Milton Nāone
dc.contributor.speaker Kalena Glenn Silva
dc.contributor.speaker Mona Haʻo
dc.contributor.speaker Kerry ʻĀkau
dc.contributor.speaker Annie Kahāʻulelio Kahaleuahi Kapaona
dc.contributor.speaker John K. Keale
dc.contributor.speaker unknown
dc.contributor.speaker Loke Poʻahā
dc.contributor.speaker Lāʻau
dc.contributor.speaker Joe Makua
dc.contributor.speaker Melia
dc.contributor.speaker Jonah Kamālani
dc.coverage.iso3166 US 2018-11-09T21:03:26Z 2018-11-09T21:03:26Z 1973-04-10 1973-04-10 1973-04-10
dc.description EE mentions visiting (cannot read Larryʻs handwriting) family in Waimea. Elizabeth Ellis talks about her background at Kaʻāpahu. Elizabeh Cazimero talks about Kokoiki and her family. Elizabeth Cazimero continues to talk about her family. Tells a story about different places. She also talks about the statue of Kamehameha. EE and EC talk about a man Kaʻaihue who practiced medicine (lāʻau lapaʻau).
dc.description Interactive audio for this transcript can be found at
dc.description.region Honolulu, Hawaiʻi
dc.format ELAN (.eaf) file
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dc.identifier LK1-HV24030
dc.identifier.citation Kimura, Larry Lindsey Kauanoe (producer). Kaniʻāina, Digital Repository of Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani College of Hawaiian Language, University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo, Ka Leo Hawaiʻi, 1973-04-10, HV24.030, Larry Lindsey Kauanoe Kimura (presenter); Elizabeth Ellis (guest); Elizabeth ʻElikāpeka Cazimero (guest); ʻAʻala Roy (guest); Ida Kapuʻihilani Feary-Milton Nāone (guest); Kalena Glenn Silva (guest); Mona Haʻo (telephone guest); Kerry ʻĀkau (telephone guest); Annie Kahāʻulelio Kahaleuahi Kapaona (telephone guest); John K. Keale (telephone guest); unknown (telephone guest); Loke Poʻahā (telephone guest); Lāʻau (telephone guest); Joe Makua (telephone guest); Melia (telephone guest); Jonah Kamālani (telephone guest), Retrieved from: on date YYYY-MM-DD.
dc.subject.language Hawaiian
dc.subject.language English
dc.subject.languagecode Hawaiian
dc.subject.languagecode English
dc.title LK1-HV24030
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dc.type.linguistictype primary_text
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