Development opportunities for geothermal spas in the State of Hawaii

GeothermEx, Inc.
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"The warm ground waters of Hawaii have long been enjoyed in natural springs, and wells in various parts of the State have encountered warm water underground. Direct use of these ground waters for spas has the possibility of broadening the State’s economic base in a way that is sustainable and environmentally benign. The Japanese word for a warm ground-water spa is “onsen.” The tradition of bathing in onsens is an important part of Japanese culture, and spas fed by thermal and mineral waters have attracted seekers of health and relaxation in many countries. This report has been prepared on behalf of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) to assess opportunities for developing onsen facilities in Hawaii and to provide a convenient summary of information for potential onsen developers. General characteristics of geothermal spas are discussed in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes specific areas of the State with good prospects for onsen development based on the observed or inferred occurrence of warm ground water. Chapter 4 discusses marketing considerations and presents examples of approaches taken by a variety of spas around the world. Chapter 5 reviews State of Hawaii regulations that could affect spa development, and Chapter 6 discusses significant economic factors, including drilling costs and comparative prices for spa services. Chapter 7 presents a list of pertinent references."
direct use, balneology, spa, geothermal uses, cascaded use, Hawaii
GeothermEx, Inc. 2000. Development opportunities for geothermal spas in the State of Hawaii. Richmond (CA): GeothermEx, Inc.
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