The Poetry of Chris Wallace-Crabbe - a Study of Landscape

Pivar, Jan
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University of Hawaii at Manoa
Chris Wallace-Crabbe was born at Melbourne, Australia, in 1934, educated at Scotch College and the University of Melbourne and attended Yale for one year on a Harkness Fellow­ship. He has published three collections of poetry to this · date: The Music of Division, In Light and Darkness, (1963), The Rebel General (1967}. A good deal of his third book was written during his year at Yale and several poems later presented in the A.B.C. television program, "Citizen." According to a letter from the poet to this writer on April 14, 1971, a fourth book is soon to appear. He writes, "I'm pub­ lishing a new collection, ·where the Wind Came, later this year, tut you' ll have seen most of its contents in the journals. " His poetry has appeared widely in journals, newspapers and anthologies well-known to those familiar with Australian lit­ erature (see List of Works Consulted}.
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