The Plankton of Perseverance Harbour, Campbell Island, New Zealand

Roberts, P.E.
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University of Hawaii Press
ABSTRACT: Surface plankton samples from Perseverance Harbour, Campbell Island, New Zealand, were analyzed and species presence was related to hydrological factors. The hydromedusae Obelia geniculata and Phialella quadrata and the ctenophore Plettrobrachia pileus did not occur when sea temperatures fell below 7° C. However, Bougainvillia macloviana was present throughout the year. Larvae of decapod crustaceans were released immediately after sea surface temperatures began to rise from their winter minima. Spring samples were dominated by decapod crustacean larvae, but in 1967 abnormally low sea surface temperatures were recorded and few decapod crustacean larvae were collected. Hermit crabs released more larvae in both spring and autumn. Other crabs released most larvae in spring. Perseverance Harbour has a typical inlet plankton and is influenced by both New Zealand and circumpolar subantarctic faunas. The seasonal cycles are typical of temperate rather than Antarctic waters.
Roberts PE. 1972. The plankton of Perseverance Harbour, Campbell Island, New Zealand. Pac Sci 26(3): 296-309.
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