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Genre: Folk tale. Title: Tala tobe dua. Palu'e folk tale narrated by Paula Paji (b. c. 1930s) in a room in her home, the most prominent in kampong Ndeo (village heads etc), morning 14 Feb 2014, one of my first "real" recordings on Palu'e, four tales in one session It is also one of the first stories that we transcribed in ELAN, the first for my assistent Ratu, hence the style; big letters, long annotations. Since then we do not use block letters. The title Tala Tobe Dua translates to The Morning Star Steals Tuak. 'Tala ca', as in the tale, is the morning star. Tala is also a male name, which leads the annotator to suspect that perhaps there was a man, Tala (even "Big Tala", 'Tala ca'), who stole tuak. The tale seems to originate from kampong Cawalo where it goes under the title Mawa Rani (see Mawa Rani in the archive), a creature that steals the tuak. Tuak is the juice from the Lontar tree. Indonesian words in the Palu'e annotation are within parentheses. Sara Lu'a uses North, West, East, South, up, down (lau, wa, le, raja, reta, lae) to express position and direction. In the text they are sometimes translated to 'there' and 'here' (Indonesian: di sana, di sini).
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