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Genre: Linguistics/word list. Supplementary to Palu'e phonology. Recording made Saturday 28 May 2016 in kampong Cawalo at the junior high school (SMP). The file was recorded at 48khz/24bits with an H4N Zoom audio recorder and an Audio Technica 2020 external microphone. Nestor Langga reads a wordlist of Palu’e words after introducing himself. He is a young schoolteacher of athletics, circa 30 years of age, and native of kampong and traditional domain Cawalo. On the same occasion I also recorded Longge (Ofa), a recently graduated English teacher, about 25 years, and native of kampong Bako, Teo domain. We recorded inside a classroom during lunch break on a Saturday, when most children had been assigned the task to cook for all the teachers and themselves. We were just the three of us, and they already knew me from before. Before reading the wordlist I gave some instructions. The wordlist contained 249 glosses. Each line began with the English gloss, followed by the Indonesian, a broad phonetic transcription of an idealised speaker, and finally, at the right end, the Palu'e words in the orthography I had developed. The two readers first familiarised themselves with the wordlist. I instructed them to read from the Palu'e orthography, after a quick glimpse on the Indonesian to the left, so there would be no misunderstanding. The orthography was easily understood. Nestor and Longge were both told to utter the words just as they are used to do, in their own dialects, and to not be guided toward another dialect-utterance through the orthography used in the wordlist. See also SD1-298 and SD1-300. See notes for items 59 and 149. Listen to item 59 in SD1-300.
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