Le Corbusier's Exploration on "Housing as Machine" at the Machine Age and the Inspirations.

dc.contributor.author Shen, Juncheng
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dc.date.issued 2018-05
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dc.subject Le Corbusier
dc.subject Machine Age
dc.subject Architectural theme
dc.subject Modern Architecture
dc.subject Housing as Machine
dc.title Le Corbusier's Exploration on "Housing as Machine" at the Machine Age and the Inspirations.
dc.type Thesis
dcterms.abstract This essay mainly researches how Le Corbusier explored the "Housing as Machine " as the architectural theme under the "Machine Age", from 1887 the year he was born to 1930s when the Villa Savoye which marked the milestone of the modern architecture. The central component of this article is a deep excavation and exploration into the relevant literatures and historical facts of Le Corbusier's exploring process, and the methods of his exploration. Architectural theme of every age should reflect its time theme of the age. In the very beginning of last century, as the mankind entered into the "Machine Age", the "New Architecture" gradually emerged. In this exploring process, Le Corbusier was one of the most important explorers for the new architecture of the new age of machine. Under the historical background of machine, he went through various crashes, fusing and transformations and eventually realized a successful exploration, during which time Le Corbusier himself also experienced a changing from the earlier romanticism to later mechanism and determined himself to search the architectural theme of "Housing as a Machine". In addition, this paper concluded some recent western researching results. The first section of this paper is the research section. The first part of the research was written by a time clue and had systematically investigated the early influences on him from aspects related to "Housing as Machine" including his formative years, early influences, Voyage Orient, learning from masters, drawings and writings, archetype collection, and early housing designs. The second part of research emphasized on concluding Le Corbusier's exploration process and methods of “Housing as Machine” by tracking several important machinery housing projects, his inspirations on “Housing as Machine”, and the application of his exploration methods by later architects. This dissertation concentrates on the exploring process and the exploring methods of Le Corbusier's exploring the “Housing as Machine”. After Le Corbusier's exploration, later architects have learned, applied, continued and improved the exploration on “Housing as Machine”. These include four generations, and now it has been in the 21th Century, and we are going to have the fifth generation of “Housing as Machine”. Accordingly, the second section of this paper is the project, using Le Corbusier's ideas and the spirit of "Housing as a Machine", to build a new Machinery Housing of our contemporary.
dcterms.description D.Arch. Thesis. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa 2018.
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