Phnom Penh Khmer (Chayleng)

About me and my language community

Language Expert:
Name: Chayleng “Jimmy” Hok
Contact: nikewest77

I was invited to LDTC. I graduated from California State University at Chico majoring in civil engineering. I was born near Battambang, Cambodia and was raised in Phnom Penh till I was 13 years old. I moved to Redwood, California, where I could only really speak Khmer with my family.

Language Mentors:
Name:  Sara Liddell
Contact:  saral2

I am an undergraduate linguistics major at UH Manoa.  This was my first experience working with Khmer.  I loved learning about a language that is so different from my usual study (Korean).  Thank you Jimmy and Griffin!

Name:  Griffin Walker
Contact: gdwalker

I am also an undergraduate majoring in linguistics at UH Manoa. I’ve studied Khmer in the past and plan on incorporating it into my future research. I had a great time working with Jimmy and Sara this semester!

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