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Translation 2: Syntax

   Noun phrase:
bu      ma                         liong  ca'  bu     ma
black horse                      two   CL black horse
"a black horse"                 "two black horses"

   Verb phrase:
sit   fon                             ki       pun   ngai    sin   tung-si
eat  rice                            3.SG  give  1.SG  new things
"eat rice"                          "she gives me new things"

   Prepositional phrase:
lok  ngai     bu'                 lok  ngai      kai            sin    bu'
at    1.SG   house             at    1.SG   POSS        new  house
"at my house"                   "at my new house"

   Word order: (words in parantheses are optional)
ngai        sit   fon   lok  ngai (kai)         bu'
1.SG      eat  rice  at    1.SG.POSS     house
"I eat rice at my house"

   Yes/no questions:
ki       khon  poci             mo?
3.SG  see     newspaper  Q
"Does s/he read newspaper?"

ngi      oi       hi  ka'   li            me?
2.SG  want   go next place     Q?
"Do you want to go the neighbors?"

   Content questions:
ngi      hiau  khon  mangsi?
2.SG  can   see     what?
"What can you see?"

ki       sa   jiw     sui     lok  abui?
2.SG  PL  swim water at    where?
"Where are they swimming?"

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