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Sam Khew Jong Proverbs

1. Mo mi lew kay.

No rice want chicken.

Wants profit, but has no capital.


Sa cew het jang loy khia kun.

You arrived with a stick after the snake was gone.

Too little too late. Too late to save the day.


Lo fu cia cu.

A tiger borrows a pig.

A loan that won’t be returned.


Lep ma cew het ji ca loy.

Farmer’s hat gone, umbrella comes.

When a door closes, awindow opens. When you lose something good, something better will come along.


Siw ci au lok mo au chut.

It’s easier to bend the fingers in than out.

Defend our own family rather than strangers.


Lo fu cew het, hew ko sin thai bong.

When the tiger is gone, monkeys are the new bosses.

When the cat’s away, the mice will play.


Jong sa sit kay.

You take care of the snake, but it eats your chicken.

To bite the hand that feeds you.


Coy thiam sot bat.

Sweet mouth, slick tongue.


Ngan kak ko.

Eye-lid high.
He has his nose in the air. He only sees people who are above him.


Jit kien cung chin.

One time, fall in love.
Love at first sight.


Phung se ko bong.

Buzzing insects gathering.
A lot of people talking at the same time. Chitter-chatter.


Sep ma mo kut.

The tongue does not have a bone.
A great talker is a great liar. Unreliable talk. Talk is cheap. It’s just talk.


Mang lo sen pha thew, tew lo eng se sew.

Already has white hair in his young days, no need to worry about it when old.
Well-prepared, has no worries about the future.


Sam kan, si kan, kan to lan ten can.

Three choose, four choose, chose broken lantern.

If you are too picky, you will be dissapointed.


Sit eng khiung, cok eng khiung, eng boy ta son jit se tu khiung.

Eat won’t make you broke, wear clothes won’t make you broke, but unable to manage/count will make you broke.

If one cannot manage life well, s/he will struggle.


Jit kiok thap liong son.

One leg, two boats.

One person – two romantic relationships. A player. A two-timer.


San kay nyiam to sia.

The country bumpkin finds tin-ore.

Dumb luck.


Fung liu eng ti ngit se ko.

Happy, don’t know days gone by.

Time flies when we are happy.


Thai phaw ta lun tun.

A cannon that wants to hit London (from Bangka).
Great talkers are little doers. Liar, talk big.


Cew tew si kio’ mo nyam nay.

Running until your feet are not touching the ground.

Run like there’s no tomorrow.

21. Jiw sit khap si ja.
Have food hit wall.
If there is food, everything else fine.

22. O si tang puk ku.
Defecate throw [something at] dove.
Careless work, uncertainty.

23. Jit lung sa.
A bunch of snake.
A group of people.

24. Pak se liauw jan.
A hundred things done.
All things taken care of.

25. Sa tam kuai.
Snake capture frog.
Mission impossible.

26. Suy ko pi.
Water over edge.
Pointless work.

27. Ma li son chut thew.
? ? count out head.
Stingy, calculative person

28. Tiaw cay kong tet ha.
Little bird speak can speak until down..
Smooth talker.

29. Fa chap lo ngiu si toi.
Flower falls into a pool of Ox excrement.
Hanging out with the wrong crowd.

30. San boi pen.
Mountain can scrape.
Improper management leads to terrible outcome.

31. Khiet sit lien ka buy.
The poor pretending to be rich.

32. Nyiaw ja chi pa.
Cat scratch mochi.
Messy work.

33. Fu kuy jiw lun liw.
Wealth have rotation.
The wheel of life.

34. Ho soy eng pha ngi sen min.
Good sleep no problem you sleep first.
You can succeed now but I will catch up.

35. Cham se kiaw.
Grasshopper cry.

Very quiet location/situation.

36. Sen thiam hew khu.
First sweet than bitter.
Enjoy life early, suffer later.

37. Pan thung suy.
Half bucket water.
Mediocre but cocky.

38. Ta ng si, sap ng myen.
Hit not dead, cook not melt.
Unbreakable, i.e. cartoon characters like Tom & Jerry
39. Jin ci coy.
Lipstick mouth.
Big talker, no action.
40. Sam put co.
? ? work.
Half-hearted effort.
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